VDR NFS-Root HowTo


VdrNfsroot is the smallest possible environment VDR can run in. It is based on LFS (Linux From Scratch) and contains drivers and programs like:


The project itself consists of two main parts: The VdrNfsroot-HOWTO and the VdrNfsroot-DISTRI.

The HOWTO describes the needed steps to install and configure the software on the server and client side and the DISTRI is a complete root filesystem, including precompiled DVB drivers and VDR programm. This root filesystem is supposed to be mounted via NFS from a local server.

Note that the precompiled modules in the VdrNfsroot-DISTRI are built for linux-2.4.17, so you need that kernel version to use them unchanged. Though it should be no problem to install your own DVB modules or even a somehow more featured VDR version. There are plenty of patches out there, to turn your set-top-box into a mp3 player, picture viewer or tee cooker.